Передний ступичный подшипник 2141 размеры

Подшипник ступицы переднего колеса Москвич 2141. Новый.
6-256908Е2С17 23ГПЗ.
Размеры, мм : 37x72x37
d – диаметр внутренний, мм : 37
D – диаметр внешний, мм : 72
B/c – высота, мм : 37
Масса, кг : 0,57
Производитель : ГПЗ-23
Москвич 2141
Цена указана за 1 подшипник.

Cheerful today was Saturday, in the morning got up early to catch the opening of the car market, the cork was not able to pass, but still broke …

I immediately rushed to look for a stupile bearing from Moskvich 2141, or from ZAZ 1102 Tavria, they are the same there, and their number is 256908 — or "6 — 256908".

On kraynyak I think I’ll take from reno logan or nissan, with dimensions 72 * 37 * 37 … this is a fairly common bearing … and it was available from 1000 r.

72 — Outer diameter
37 — inner diameter (under the hub) at the native hub and bearing size 40 mm
37 — bearing width …

I was looking for just the bored hub that lay with me, and only from the presence, since tomorrow I need the car desperately, maybe I’ll go to the pit to change the rail … as it turned out not in vain …

Upon arrival home, began to disassemble, the process is quite simple, which can not but rejoice …

When I took off the rotary fist with the hub, I saw a scattered bearing that cracked and collapsed partially inside the cage, from which balls and rollers had not poured out, but rollers))))), WHAT THE BLINES OF KULIBIN WHEN THAT THE ADJUSTABLE BEARING BEAR SUPPLIED, why, it is not clear, knocked out the hub and realized that she "left" far and for a long time … in the garbage! To that I am very glad, as there the thread for fastening of a brake disk was broken … For a long time it wished to correct it … But all was solved differently …


I went to the nearest service, and successfully, there they pressed everything into place and I returned home!

Time for lunch, a little bit of breath, a bite and then pick it up again …

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At the same time I turned over the stabilizer bars, which I did not correctly put in … and the steering tips, and ball, and silent blocks, and the stabilizers, all that I put out of the cheap, everything is still alive … … the mileage is just over 2500 thousand on these pieces of iron …

The bearing price is 800 r.
Work on the banned — 200 r.

Dozakazal omentum, in exchange for what he put on the square, I can see that I was mistaken and sent it deep and it ran …


His place is "for a trick" with a block of DVDs …

Артикул: 256908(DAC 37720037) , артикулы доп.: 6-256908Е2С17

Код для заказа: 135855

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